5. The System library

The system library exposes operating system facilities like environment variables, date time manipulation etc..

5.1. Squirrel API

5.1.1. Global Symbols


returns a float representing the number of seconds elapsed since the start of the process

date([time[, format]])

returns a table containing a date/time split into the slots:

sec Seconds after minute (0 - 59).
min Minutes after hour (0 - 59).
hour Hours since midnight (0 - 23).
day Day of month (1 - 31).
month Month (0 - 11; January = 0).
year Year (current year).
wday Day of week (0 - 6; Sunday = 0).
yday Day of year (0 - 365; January 1 = 0).

if time is omitted the current time is used.

if format can be ‘l’ local time or ‘u’ UTC time, if omitted is defaulted as ‘l’(local time).


Returns a string containing the value of the environment variable varname


deletes the file specified by path

rename(oldname, newname)

renames the file or directory specified by oldname to the name given by newname


xecutes the string cmd through the os command interpreter.


returns the number of seconds elapsed since midnight 00:00:00, January 1, 1970.

the result of this function can be formatted through the function date()

5.2. C API

SQRESULT sqstd_register_systemlib(HSQUIRRELVM v)
  • v (HSQUIRRELVM) – the target VM



The function aspects a table on top of the stack where to register the global library functions.

initialize and register the system library in the given VM.