3.13. Mantaining references to Squirrel values from the C APIΒΆ

Squirrel allows to reference values through the C API; the function sq_getstackobj() gets a handle to a squirrel object(any type). The object handle can be used to control the lifetime of an object by adding or removing references to it( see sq_addref() and sq_release()). The object can be also re-pushed in the VM stack using sq_pushobject().:


sq_resetobject(v,&obj) //initialize the handle
sq_getstackobj(v,-2,&obj); //retrieve an object handle from the pos -2
sq_addref(v,&obj); //adds a reference to the object

... //do stuff

sq_pushobject(v,&obj); //push the object in the stack
sq_release(v,&obj); //relese the object